Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The Beatles are coming! (tribute band of course...) Yes, they're back and they're playing at Hogeys (Alder Rec Centre) Friday May 17th.  Tickets are available for sale here at the shop for $10 each. Show starting at 8:00p.m.

The Blues & Jazz Festival is also coming up soon.  We have sponsored them again this year, they put on such a fantastic weekend, we hope you all go and enjoy!  May 30th - June 2nd.

For all the Football Fans

We have some new items in store for you!!  Come check them out...... we have another shipment coming in a few weeks time as well.  We have sets of shots glasses, Mini bar sets and Pint glasses.

Yeung's Chinese Curry Mix

Yeung's Concentrated Chinese Curry Mix is the best seller among all the Yeung's sauces available to the UK according to Yeung's.

For a great Chinese Curry, all you need is this packet and some cubed cooked chicken, chopped onion and garden peas.  Serve with some rice or some home made chips and there you have it, a really nice Chinese curry!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


A special day is coming up to remember Mum.  Our Mum's are always working so hard, they've always been there when we need them, always caring, loving, worrying and thinking of everyone else before themselves.  It's a day for her to relax and do what she wants to do, a day that they should feel appreciated.  We have some great little things for you to pick up for your Mum, whether it be her favourite chocolate bar, bags of crisps, a necklace, earrings or even just a card.  We've got something that she will enjoy.  Pop in and see us!

We'd like to wish our Mum and all Mum's out there and wonderful Mother's Day!!

Thanks Mum for everything you do!


One thing that we're really enjoying are the stories that our customers tell us of certain items they love to come in and buy every week that has some sort of memory attached to them. 

These pickled onions take me back to my Grandad's pickled onion that he used to make when I was a kid in Bishop's Stortford.  We used to go visit my Nan and Grandad and the first place I'd go is into their cupboard looking for this massive jar of homemade pickled onions that I loved so much.  These have that same flavour!  They're definitely worth a try.

Auntys Steamed Puddings

We introduced these into the shop about 3 weeks ago and have been doing very well.  In fact, some customers say they prefer these over the Heinz Puddings because they're more suitable for a single serving size and so convenient to be able to just microwave them for a quick and easy solution for a yummy dessert!  The flavours available are: 
  • Gingery Syrup
  • Spotted Dick
  • Sticky Toffee
  • Strawberry
  • Golden Syrup

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The Totally British Magazine's May Edition has just arrived at Blighty's as well.  $4.99 plus tax and it's a great read.


And, we've just stocked our celtic jewellry cabinet with some lovely earrings, bracelets, necklaces and sets which will make the perfect gift for Mother's day!


Yes, thought that should be the first thing we tell you. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bakery Day!!

Don't forget we have fresh baked goods arriving weekly!!  Everything from Meat Pies, Pork Pies, Sausage Rolls, Eccles Cakes, Bread, Empire Biscuits, Cream Cakes, Cherry Bakewells, Squares, Tarts & more!!  They'll be in and ready for you by Friday but by Monday morning, they'll be gone so don't wait!!

We always have Meat Pies, Pork Pies, Sausage Rolls the freezer but if you want them fresh come in Friday, Saturday and Sunday's!  See you soon!

Lots Happening at Blightys These days!!

If you've been in to see us lately, you've probably noticed that we do have quite a few new products in store....changing things up a little bit, adding extensions of lines we were already carrying and adding some brand new flavours to the mix at the same time.

We've also been doing some spring cleaning and rearranging of things to freshen the look and feel of the shop up and there's more to come, along with a lot more new products that have been ordered to introduce to the shop.  We're also going to be doing some work on the website, giving it a face lift so to speak and adding more products on there that we carry in the shop but aren't yet on the site for those of you who live too far away to come in and like to shop on-line.

That's all we're going to say about it for now otherwise it won't be a surprise!!

Sampling New Things!

Sometimes it's nice to be able to sample new foods before you buy them to make sure that they're something that you're going to enjoy.  This last week or so we've been sampling the Rochester Beverages in the shop and they've gone over really well as well as the Marmite Rice Cakes. 

This week we'll be sampling the New Heinz Five Beanz so bring in your curious taste buds all you beanz lovers and see what you think!

Marks and Spencer Soups!!

Nothing like a nice hot bowl of soup on a cool spring day!!  Marks and Spencer soups are in.  We have Carrot & Coriander, Country Vegetable and Tomato & Basil.  We have other varieties of Heinz and Baxter soups in stock as well.

Thinking About Doing Some Baking?

We have McDougall's Plain Flour in stock!! Pop in and pick some up and make a batch of your  favourite pastry/cake!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NEW TO BLIGHTYS - HEINZ SNAP POT BEANS Convenient, perfect size for beans on toast. Throw it in your lunch bag to take to work and microwave them, no muss no fuss! In store now!!
NEWS ON THE CRISPS Well the crisps are going to be a few days late. Since Easter they've run into some bad weather, therefore it has slowed the journey down and we won't be seeing them until next week. In saying that, I'm not sure if you've heard but Walkers has decided to change their recipe of the Smokey Bacon and Roast Chicken to making them with "Real" meat. It's great that they're wanting to improve the taste and use more natural flavours opposed to the simulated flavours however, it has caused a bit of a problem now to bring them into the country so, we will not be getting those 2 flavours on this next shipment until Walkers provides the CFIA with the percentage of meat that they use in the new recipe to meet the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's requirements. We will keep you informed as we are. In the meantime, we have ordered a shipment of Tayto Crisps (Irish crisps) and so we will be getting Smokey Bacon and Roast Chicken Tayto's sometime mid-May. They are a good crisp, the potato is sliced a little thinner than Walkers but still a good tasting crisp.
BAKED GOODS ARRIVING THURSDAY!! We have fresh Meat Pies, Bread, Eccles Cakes, Sausage Rolls, Pork Pies, Apple Turnovers, Fern Tarts just to name a few so pop in while they're fresh and before they're all sold!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Extras!!!

We have some Easter Leftovers for sale so please come in and have a look at our specials.  We have Thornton's, Quality Street and Galaxy Indulgence left at great prices!

Rochester Beverages - NEW TO BLIGHTY'S!!

Rochester Beverages are a Non-Alcoholic refreshing drink for winter or summer.  There's 3 types that Blighty's currently has in stock, the Organic Root Ginger that can be served chilled or hot.  The Organic Mulled Berry and the Bloody Mary Mix.  We will be sampling the Organic Root Ginger on the weekend if you'd like to pop in and give it a try!!

ROCHESTER ROOT GINGER is the Holy Grail of Ginger drinks. Serve chilled straight from the fridge to refresh and revive. This potent and invigorating drink packs a real kick, so all of you Gingerholics out there – Your Prayers are well and truly answered ! When the Sun shines serve chilled, when the cold winds blow, serve piping hot as a Tea or a Toddy.

MULLED BERRY PUNCH is made from organic Elderberry, Nutmeg, Clove and Orange.  Serve it hot by the glass either by pan or microwave.  If you wish to add a tot of your favourite tipple to it then that's ok.  Either a teaspoon of Brandy or Dark Rum will do!!


Exciting Times at Blighty's!!

Well, I'm sure you all read the news last week, so we'd just like to say Hello!  Blightys has been a part of our family since the day they opened as I'm sure it has been for a lot of you as well.  Sometimes there's nothing more comforting then being taken back to our memories of where we came from although we live in this great country of Canada.

John became a good friend of the family and so we all agreed that it would be an exciting opportunity to continue the business that John created with some new ideas along the way.  We've worked for John for about 4 years part time.  Myself only at Christmas time and times when John needed extra help when he had the Elora store but, Pat has worked there consistently over the last 4 years and you'll be seeing a lot more of her!!

We welcome your suggestions for any new products you might like to see in the store.  We all have ideas of what we'd like to see and how we'd like to change a few things but we'd love to hear from you also.

We are all very excited about our new endeavor and we're looking forward to meeting you all soon!

We'd like to wish John and his family all the best!  I think we speak for everyone when we say thank you for bringing us a bit of "Home" and we feel proud to have the opportunity to carry it on.  Cheers!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Important Announcement re Blighty's Tuck Store

A Personal Message from Blighty's founder, John Corby

It was eight years ago when I conceived the idea of opening a British store in the Town of Orangeville. It was a bold idea and worked out surprisingly well. I purchased a small commercial condominium unit at the end of a ginnel behind Broadway and, after a couple of months of frantic preparation, we opened the doors to a waiting crowd at 10:00am on the 4th July 2005. We have always appreciated the worldwide celebration of the event that takes place every year.

Within 18 months the premises I had bought proved too small and too secluded. We found a new location right in the heart of Orangeville's traditional main shopping district. Our neighbours are the big box stores like Staples, Leons, Canadian Tire and Future Shop.

After a couple of more years, with business running at a steady pace, Blighty's opened a second store in Elora. The end of the economic downturn was in sight and we hoped to parlay the success of our first store into a chain of stores around southern Ontario. Alas, it was not to be. The end of the economic downturn remains elusive and the Elora store closed 18 months later. Now we are looking into the future and making fresh plans for Blighty's Tuck Store that we hope will bring refreshing changes and a bright new outlook.

Blighty's Tuck Store will be closed on Good Friday. We will re-open for last minute Easter shoppers on Saturday 30th March. The store will then be closed on Sunday 31st March and Monday 1st April. Blighty's will re-open on Tuesday 2nd April under new ownership.

I have decided to move on to new challenges in life. I am going to take a break for a few weeks before deciding what to do next. My blogs will continue but with a new home and new names. If you are a Coronation Street fan you can continue to read what has become a very successful Corrie Fan newsletter at:

If you share my enjoyment of poking innocent fun at politicians and other sinners back across the big wide wet patch called the Atlantic, please check out "The Fameless Scribe" at".

Here at Blighty's Tuck Store everything will continue as normal. You will recognize a familiar face behind the counter and I hope you will continue to support the store as you have in the past.

I have met a lot of very fine people during my eight years at Blighty's and I want to thank you for all the many happy memories. All my best wishes go to you and your families for a happy and prosperous  future.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Come Gather Round People Wherever You Roam ...

It was eight years ago when I, John, conceived the idea of opening a British store in the Town of Orangeville. It was a bold idea and worked out surprisingly well. I purchased a small commercial condominium unit at the end of a ginnel behind Broadway and, after a couple of months of frantic preparation, we opened the doors to a waiting crowd at 10:00am on the 4th July 2005. We have always appreciated the worldwide celebration of the event that takes place every year.

Within 18 months the premises I had bought proved too small and too secluded. We found a new location right in the heart of Orangeville's traditional main shopping district. Our neighbours are the big box stores like Staples, Leons, Canadian Tire and Future Shop.

After a couple of more years, with business running at a steady pace, Blighty's opened a second store in Elora. The end of the economic downturn was in sight and we hoped to parlay the success of our first store into a chain of stores around southern Ontario. Alas, it was not to be. The end of the economic downturn remains elusive and the Elora store closed 18 months later.

Now we are looking into the future and making fresh plans for Blighty's Tuck Store that we hope will bring refreshing changes and a bright new outlook. No announcements this week, so this is a bit of a teaser but, watch out for "This Week At Blighty's" next week for a happy announcement that will launch Blighty's Tuck Store into a new era.

Easter Eggs Are Running Out - So Should You

Relax, Easter is still over a week away. Plenty of time to buy your Easter Eggs - NOT!!!

Sailing O'er the Briny
Ok, some folk still haven't read the friendly warnings. All our imported Great British Easter Eggs are shipped over by special order - once and once only.

We can't just pop down to the cash'n'carry to pick up some more when we run low. The cupboard is bare at the cash'n'carry; the ships have sailed back to old England and they aren't coming back until well after Easter is a sugary memory and we have all donned jogging shoes to shed a few choccy pounds.

Some choices are running out already and the last-minute panic shoppers are still at home watching telly. Oh boy, are they in for a rude awakening. Incredulous looks of amazement and bitter disappointment: "how come you have no Easter Eggs left; my kids are going to be so disappointed". We hear it every year. Don't be one of them; if you don't have your eggs yet it's not too late today - tomorrow may be a different story; next week? Fuhgeddaboutit.

Get the Lyons Share of the Jaffa Cakes

Guilty as Charged
Soft but firm spongey base, a mouth-watering layer of intense orange jelly, topped with a velvety-smooth covering of rich, dark chocolate. I don't know about you but I can't eat Jaffa Cakes without feeling very guilty that I just haven't earned this much pleasure. But, hey, maybe you don't need to harbour the same guilty feelings - or maybe you really have earned this much reward.

Take Two and Call Me in the Morning
Take two Jaffa Cakes out of the pack and lock the remainder in a safe with a timelock. You will definitely want a second one after the first but any more than that will put your immortal soul in jeopardy.

Very, Very Expensive ... Or ...
Sounds like this much ecstasy should be very expensive doesn't it? Don't worry, you can take home a pack of a dozen of these devilish little temptations for just $2.99 (NB: price doubles at checkout if you mis-pronounce the name as "java" cakes).

Crazy Craving Cadbury Flake Special

The Science is Settled
Everybody loves Cadbury flake bars. Luvverly flakey real Cadbury chocolate that kisses your taste buds in a way that other chocolate bars cannot.

No really, our science expert, John E. B. Goode, reports that the chocolatey ripples in a flake bar make contact with more taste sensors on your tongue than other types of chocolate, giving you a more intense flavour sensation.

Beat Brits Bumper Bag Bonanza
We received a shipment of special export flake bars from the UK this week. The special export flake bars are a little smaller than regular bars (only native Brits can handle the pleasure from a full-size bar, it seems). No problem, eat two of them! Find packs of four of these irresistible pleasure sticks in our "bumper bag" aisle along with lots of other sweet treats to drive you sugar crazy this Easter.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Low Price on Red Cabbage Pickle

Every now and then we get a pleasant surprise during re-stocking visits to our importer's warehouse. "Pugwash" as we call him, is constantly striving to help us bring the best possible deals to our customers. Well, Pugwash has done it again; this time with Haywards Red Cabbage.

Price Drop
Red Cabbage is a delicious pickle that goes well with turkey, chicken, pork, cold cuts or even cheese. And the best news is ... the price just went down by 20%. Cowabanga.

A Taste of Jamaica ... From England

With apologies to Harry Belafonte:
"Down the way where the nights are gay and the sun shines daily on the mountain top.
I took a trip a trip on a sailing ship and when I reached Jamaica ... I ate a cake".

All You Have to Do is Dream
I guess you can dream of Jamaica while you munch on a slice of McVities Jamaica Ginger Cake but it comes from England where there are no mountains - well not real mountains anyway - and the sun rarely shines on anything.

Here Comes the Sun
But don't despair, spring is the air and the sunshine is on its way to Canada, so grab some McVities Jamaica Ginger Cake and a nice hot cuppa and enjoy.

New Bigger Curry Beanz Tinz

Love at First Bite?
We Brits love our baked beans. We also love our curries. British style curry (well, there are several British curries now, but this isn't one of the fancy ones) is sweet and contains sultanas.

Just For Us
So, the Brits at the Heinz Beanz factory made a tin of curried baked beans specially for us. It has all the flavour we like in our everyday, ordinary, British curry sauce plus the goodness of baked beans too. And now it's available in a big can. Try it with sausages, bacon or some fried square sliced sausage meat from Blighty's freezer.

Fresh Shipment of Walkers Crisps Has Arrived

Every 8 Weeks
We sold out of many flavours of the ever popular Walkers crisps recently. Crisps are shipped by custom order every 8 weeks so we had some explaining to do to the customers who couldn't get their favourite flavours for a few days.

They're Back!!!
But all that has changed now. A fresh shipment has arrived and crisp supplies are back to normal.

New British Isles Show a Huge Success

Huge Crowds
As the doors opened at the start of the revived British Isles Show, last Friday morning, a large crowd of visitors anxiously waiting outside, swarmed into Hall 6 at the International Centre in Mississauga.

It may have been a record attendance because the visitors kept coming through all three days of the show. Blighty's had our largest booth ever at the show and our faith in the enthusiasm of the area's expat British population paid off - it was a rewarding event for us.

Guest Star
One of the main attractions at the British Isles Show is always the star guest from Coronation Street. This year, Charlie Condou (Marcus Dent) was the guest. We intercepted Charlie as he was leaving on Sunday and snapped this picture of him standing beside Blighty's booth. Charlie is such a pleasant man; it was a pleasure to meet him.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Low Price Great British Candy for Easter

It's Easter time once again. That means the candy craving is back. Still, no need for scrimping and saving. The big candy manufacturers are on your side - well sort of. You see, if they can cut the cost of all the fancy packaging that normally comes with their product they can sell their candy for less.

That's where bumper bags come into the picture. The candymen sell their wares in bulk; retailers spend the time to package them in simple cellophane packs for resale to candy lovers.

Spring is nearly here. Come and fill yer boots with cheap treats and laugh all the way to summer. Blighty's Bumper Bags cost significantly less than premium brand packaged candies. Lots to choose from - a whole aisle of the store in fact and more on the way!

Your choice, one price: $2.99.

Tasty Car Accessory?

There is a terrific Great British candy company based in Blackpool, England. Its name is Tangerine Confectionery and it produces candies under the brand name of "Taveners".

One of the best-selling lines here at Blighty's Tuck Store is a range of boiled candies in tins. You can usually choose between several flavours such as Fruit Drops, Sour Lemon Drops and Caramints.

They are very tasty little treats; nice flavour and just big enough to give your mouth a thoroughly good immersion in fruity flavour. They work well when you have a dry mouth - such as when you are out driving. By an amazing coincidence (or is it by design) the tin fits snugly in most vehicle cup holders. Maybe those clever folks up at Blackpool designed their "Proper Sweets" specifically for that purpose.

Easter Egg Bonanza - Come & Get 'Em!

All our imported Great British Easter Eggs are now in stock. You can choose from a selection including Cadbury Buttons, Caramel and Flake, Mars, Maltesers, Roses, Quality Street, Galaxy, Milkybar and Thorntons.

Do We Have Enough Easter Eggs?
Our Easter Egg orders had to be placed before Christmas last year. Did we order enough? There is no way to tell. In previous years we have sold out before Easter, so if you want to be sure of getting enough eggs for your family, shop early!

Save on Delicious Border Premium Cookies

For a limited time, save 20% on these fantastic Viennese Whirls (made with only the finest vanilla) or Spicy Ginger Crunches - the biscuits with a devilishly good, lingering aftertaste.

Border's classic biscuit range is made using traditionally authentic recipes and good, old-fashioned ingredients. Take your taste buds on a trip down memory lane and remind yourself that some things in life simply cannot be improved upon.

Border quality biscuits are baked in Lanark, Scotland. On special for just $3.99 (reg: $4.99).

British Isles Show - This Weekend!

Toronto's British Isles Show starts this friday. Following a 2-year break the resurrected show is back in a new location - The International Centre at Derry/Airport Road. Blighty's will be there, will you?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Famous Russian Scent from England

The scent of Cussons Imperial Leather was created in 1768 by a London-based company for a Russian count. And it is that same scent that lures millions around the world to buy Cussons Imperial Leather soap today.

Posh Bang Wallop
Our stock of posh-smelling soap dried up a few weeks back and we were completely sold out. The reason was that the marketing geniuses back in the Land of Hope and Glory had decided to re-package their flagship product.

So Clever?
Now, instead of the old pack in which the three bars were vertically stacked in their package, the same three bars are now horizontally packaged. Wow, the difference is amazing! Once you open the two completely different package shapes, the three soap bars inside are absolutely identical. Isn't that clever? No, I didn't think so either, but you try tell that to the suits in Manchester, England who thought of this rather silly idea.

Buy Cheap Soap, Save Money, Very Good
Somebody commented on Blighty's online shopping site, where we sell Cussons Imperial Leather soap, that they bought some cheap "Imperial Leather" soap somewhere and were very disappointed in it. Yes, that is correct; I have seen cheap knock-offs for sale in bargain shops too. You save a little money but you don't get to smell like a Russian prince.

Blighty's stock of Cussons Imperial Leather soap is made in Manchester, England. How to detect a fake? Use your nose!

Special Price Only £1?
By the way, why does a pack that is price-marked £1 end up costing $3.99 here? Good question; easy answer. The soap has to be paid for in pounds sterling that currently trades around CDN$1.65. But by the time bank transfer and currency exchange charges are added, a pound costs just about a toonie. Then add bloomin' expensive transAtlantic shipping charges, import duty and customs brokerage fees and the cost is already up around three bucks. Then the importer and your friendly retailer would like to make just a small return on their labour and that's where your $3.99 comes along.

Cheap Chocolate HobNobs Are Back

Do you remember our story from a few weeks ago about the inexplicably cheap chocolate HobNobs?

We told of how we can sell these chocolate-covered oat biscuits for 26% less than plain HobNobs.

And then, rather understandably, customers rushed in to buy them and we sold out.

Well, now they're back! And they are still priced at the same incredible $2.95 per pack.

Are They Real?
These are bona-fide British McVities HobNobs milk chocolate covered oat biscuits made in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, England.

Are They Past Their Best-Before Date?
No, these are new stock that won't reach their government-bureaucrat-mandated-but-usually-quite-unrealistic best before date for weeks and weeks yet.

What Does "Hobnob" Mean Anyway?
According to use of the word "hobnob" was first recorded in 1763 meaning to drink together. Since then it has been used to mean "to associate with in a familiar manner". So eat lots of HobNobs and you will get lots of friends. Buy them at Blighty's and at least I will be your friend.

British Isles Show - One Week To Go

The British Isles Show is now just one week away. Mark your calendar; The show will be held over the weekend of 8-10 March at a new venue - the International Centre in Mississauga.

The show took a hiatus for a couple of years while organizers sought a new location and revamped its organization. But now it's back and it promises to be better than ever.

Free parking
The International Centre is located at Derry and Airport roads near Toronto's Pearson Airport and is easily accessible from anywhere in southern Ontario due to its proximity to major highways. But, best of all, parking is free - that's a big bonus for the majority of visitors who arrive by car and were used to paying high parking charges at the show's previous location downtown.

Who is the Star Guest?
A major draw for crowds attending the show has always been the visit of a guest star from ITV's Coronation Street. This year is no exception. The visitor in 2013 will be actor Charlie Condou who plays Marcus Dent on the show.

Biggest Ever
Blighty's will be having our largest ever booth at the show; please stop by and say hello.

Quality Street, Roses & Lots of Other Easter Treats

Ok, so not everybody goes gaga over chocolate eggs. But, hey, that's no reason not to indulge in some fine Great British chocolate over Easter. Why not treat yourself and the special people in your life to a selection of candy cartons.

Roses, Quality Street, or ...
Which do you like best: Cadbury Roses or Nestle's Quality Street? We know Cadbury's Chocolate Eclairs are a firm favourite - we have been giving away free samples at the front counter for a few weeks. Now that we have created a legion of Chocolate Eclair fans out there we are looking forward to helping fans feed their new addiction in grand style this Easter.

Fudge Factor
There are also choices for fudge fanatics too. Thorntons Fabulous Assorted Fudge or Whisky and Vanilla fudges from Scotland.

Want more choices? How about tins of toffee, boxes of fruit or mint creams, chocolate Brazil nuts and lots more.

Easter Eggs Are Arriving

The customs men pulled our Easter Egg container aside for inspection at the Port of Montreal last week. Just imagine, all those eager customs men gazing into the container, lovingly admiring all the delicious Great British Easter Eggs!

Another container, with even more Easter Eggs inside, managed to slip past the customs men and was secretly unloaded on a moonlit beach at the western end of Lake Ontario in the middle of the night.

Easter is still nearly a month away but many people have been eagerly snapping up the eggs we already have on the shelves. So far we have Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel eggs, Cadbury Crunchie eggs and Thorntons "love toffee" eggs in stock. Each egg is made with delicious Great British chocolate and comes with a selection of treats inside the box. Go on, you know you can't resist them. And remember, when it comes to chocolate, everyone's a kid at heart!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Make a Scot Black

My Scottish customers love their traditional loaves of bread. A Scottish loaf is made from strong white flour and baked in a pan to make it rise nice and tall. And then the baker makes it black on top - the Scots like it that way.

Burn Baby, Burn
But how does the baker manage to burn just the top of the loaf without incinerating the whole thing? Well, the answer is - he doesn't. He burns the whole thing.

Separating the Blonds From the Blacks
All the loaves are baked together in a huge oven. The blond-top loaves are then set aside to cool before they can be sliced. The loaves destined to be "well-fired" go on to receive a special and very cruel treatment.

These Scots are Well-Fired
While the blond-tops are cooling, the baker cranks up the temperature of his oven until it is searing hot. The loaves destined to be "well-fired" are then popped back into the very hot oven where they quickly char all over. When they are pulled from the oven, the loaves are completely black from top to bottom. But the blackness is only skin deep. The baker then takes a sharp knife and cuts the sides off the loaf leaving a beautiful white loaf of bread with a black top. Now you know.

Bah Humbugs

Eh, I am Vexed
There is one vexing question I receive over and over from traditional British sweet lovers here at the store. "Do you carry humbugs?" Well, yes, we do. "No not those mint humbugs, I mean the regular kind!"

As Shakespeare Said ...
So here is the explanation of why our "mint humbugs" are exactly what you are looking for. A humbug is a cylindrical boiled candy with rounded ends and coloured stripes, flavoured with peppermint. Whether one calls it a "humbug" or a "mint humbug" it is one and the same thing. To paraphrase Shakespeare: "what's in a name ... a humbug by any other name would taste as minty".

Blame it on Brussels
It's probably the fault of those Eurocrats in Brussels - the blighters want to change everything.

Turkish Delight by the Tub

Lokum Motive
It originated in Turkey hundreds of years ago. The Turks call it "Lokum"; we call it Turkish Delight. It has proved so popular here at Blighty's that we have decided to carry it year round. In the past we only stocked it at Christmas, but customers have made their preferences clear, so expect it be available all year now.

It's the Real Thing
This is the real thing - from Istanbul, Turkey via the UK. And we have flavour choices too. The Turks regard rose-flavoured lokum in the same way we regard vanilla ice cream - you know, kind of basic, no frills. So they make a range of flavours, but they regard the nutty ones as the best.

Magic Carpet Ride
At Blighty's you can choose from five flavours: Rose | Lemon | Strawberry | Ginger | Pistachio. Which will be your favourite? Pick up a tub on your next visit and take it for a magic carpet ride.

How to Make Perfect Oatmeal Every Time

Irish Oats Really Taste Better
You can't beat the taste of good Irish oatmeal. I know; I have tried domestic oats. The difference in flavour is very noticeable. Perhaps the warm, wet fields of Ireland make the crops grow better and help the flavour develop.

Two choices - Quick Cook or Steel Cut
Quick cook oatmeal is made with rolled oats that swell into soft, plump, moist porridge when cooked with milk. Use three parts milk (or mix milk with water) to one part oatmeal and cook over a gentle heat. Add sugar and, if you wish, a little spice (cinnamon, mace or allspice all work well). Top with a spoonful of Lyles Golden Syrup, condensed milk, cream or yogurt when serving.

Steel Cut oatmeal is quite different but it is made from the same kind of real Irish oats. Instead of crushing the grain between rollers, steel blades are used to break open the husks and cut the grain kernels into smaller pieces. Steel cut oatmeal does not absorb liquids so easily so mix one part steel cut oatmeal with four parts water and boil until the grain softens, then turn down the heat and simmer for half an hour. Serve with buttermilk, milk or cream and Demerara sugar or Lyles Golden Syrup (both available at Blighty's). Steel cut oatmeal has a distinctly nutty flavour and is preferred by many traditional porridge lovers.

How to Make Easy Mouth-Watering Gravy

What are the essential elements of a perfect gravy?
A perfect gravy should have four essential elements; it should be loaded with flavour, it should have an alluring aroma, bold colour and a perfect consistency - not too thick, nor too thin.

The right gravy can make the difference between a good meal and a spectacular meal. Unfortunately, too many gravies are simply a thick, flavourless, starchy mess made with flour. No wonder gravy has such a bad reputation. But it doesn't have to be so. I like to make gravies that are both healthy and a treat for the taste buds. Here is how I do it.

First Step, Make a Simple Vegetable Stock
Do not not use stock cubes! You need the natural starches in fresh vegetables to thicken your gravy. I like to use fresh onions. Peel and dice a couple of medium sized onions, then cook them in 2 cups of water, with a bay leaf, until the onions are very soft.

Add Gravy Salt
Stir in half a teaspoonful of Comptons Gravy Salt and continue to cook over a gentle heat until most of the onion has melted away into the gravy, thickening it in the process. Gravy Salt is a mixture of salt, corn starch and caramel (for that lovely brown colour). You can serve the gravy as is if you are seeking a vegetarian recipe, or add meat flavour from your roast.

Blend in the Beef
For a truly amazing beef gravy, pour a little boiling water into the roasting pan after the meat has been removed. Stir with a wooden spoon to soak up all the dripping in the pan. Add the dripping mix to your gravy. For a smooth texture, run the beef dripping mix through a blender first. This works equally well for any roast meat; chicken, pork etc.

Gourmet Touch?
Stir a splash of red wine into the gravy at the very end of your cooking, and a little dry, powdered garlic.

Comptons Gravy Salt is a traditional British product going back to the 1920s. It is available at Blighty's for just $2.99 for a 128g pack that will make lots of gravies.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Really Easy Shepherd's Pie Recipe

Feel Good
A delicious shepherd's pie on a cold February evening makes a really comforting welcome home. It's a put-your-feet-up-and-relax type of meal that makes you feel really good inside and out.

Easy Does It
Shepherd's Pie is also incredibly easy to make. You can get most of the ingredients at Blighty's and in 30 minutes you can be serving a steaming plate of traditional British food to your family.

From Blighty's you will need:
1 tin of marrowfat peas
1 pack of Smash mashed potatoes
1 pack of Colman's Shepherd's Pie mix

Then grab some ground beef, onions and carrots from wherever you usually go for those items.

Hubble, Bubble
Brown the beef in a dry frying pan. If you add the onions (chopped) to the same pan you can get away without using any additional fat or oil. When the ground beef is brown and the onions are soft, transfer everything to an oven-proof dish. Now stir in the Colman's Shepherd's Pie mix, the peas and chopped carrots and 300ml water. Mix up some Smash mashed potato (you can't beat the taste of British potatoes) and spread over the top. Bake at 400F for 30 minutes and serve.

Ribena - Lower Price Than the UK!

Ribena has been a popular healthy drink for generations. Rich in vitamin C, a proven antioxidant and a very tasty and refreshing beverage at the same time.

Blighty's has obtained a limited quantity of Ribena in "ready to drink" 500ml bottles. But the best part is we are offering it for just $1.49 a bottle - and that's less than it sells for in the UK!

*** Ribena is made with real fruit juice and contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners ***

NB: This is a special shipment only, not a regular item and it will not be available at this low price after the present stock is sold.

Save a Bundle on Buttons

Let's Be Honest
Cadbury Buttons are just about the most expensive way to buy good british Cadbury chocolate. So here's a tip. Buy a big bar of Cadbury chocolate, melt it down and make your own buttons - you'll get twice as many for your money.

Too Much Trouble?
Alright then, here is a another way to get a better button deal. Come and grab some 3-packs while they are on special at Blighty's. A 3-pack will cost you just $2.99, that's a 33% saving over the regular individual pack price.

Want Free Buttons?
Use them for poker chips; if you're good you'll get to eat everybody else's buttons too. Good luck.