Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NEWS ON THE CRISPS Well the crisps are going to be a few days late. Since Easter they've run into some bad weather, therefore it has slowed the journey down and we won't be seeing them until next week. In saying that, I'm not sure if you've heard but Walkers has decided to change their recipe of the Smokey Bacon and Roast Chicken to making them with "Real" meat. It's great that they're wanting to improve the taste and use more natural flavours opposed to the simulated flavours however, it has caused a bit of a problem now to bring them into the country so, we will not be getting those 2 flavours on this next shipment until Walkers provides the CFIA with the percentage of meat that they use in the new recipe to meet the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's requirements. We will keep you informed as we are. In the meantime, we have ordered a shipment of Tayto Crisps (Irish crisps) and so we will be getting Smokey Bacon and Roast Chicken Tayto's sometime mid-May. They are a good crisp, the potato is sliced a little thinner than Walkers but still a good tasting crisp.

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