Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bah Humbugs

Eh, I am Vexed
There is one vexing question I receive over and over from traditional British sweet lovers here at the store. "Do you carry humbugs?" Well, yes, we do. "No not those mint humbugs, I mean the regular kind!"

As Shakespeare Said ...
So here is the explanation of why our "mint humbugs" are exactly what you are looking for. A humbug is a cylindrical boiled candy with rounded ends and coloured stripes, flavoured with peppermint. Whether one calls it a "humbug" or a "mint humbug" it is one and the same thing. To paraphrase Shakespeare: "what's in a name ... a humbug by any other name would taste as minty".

Blame it on Brussels
It's probably the fault of those Eurocrats in Brussels - the blighters want to change everything.

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