Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Corrie Fans: Meet Tyrone and Kirk!

No Couch Potato
There is a Coronation Street fan in Halifax, Nova Scotia who does a lot more than just crash on the sofa in front of the TV to watch the world's longest-running TV soap.

Stroll On
Andrew Stuckless is the principal behind Stroll Promotions, a company that has brought a lot of Coronation Street actors and actresses to Canada. Stroll Promotions brought Corrie's Ken Barlow (aka actor Bill Roache) to Canada earlier this year. In the past the company's star guests featured names like Roy and Hayley Cropper (David Neilson and Julie Hesmondhalgh).

Tyrone & Kirk - in Person
Now, actors Alan Halsall (Tyrone Dobbs) and Andy Whyment (Kirk Sutherland) will be crossing the pond to entertain fans.

GTA Shows
Local venues include Hamilton and Markham. Tickets for Hamilton on November 19th available at or by calling 905-546-4040. Tickets for Markham on November 20th available at or by calling 905-305-7469.

NB: Blighty's Tuck Store is not affiliated with, nor a ticket agent for Stroll Promotions.

It's Darts Season Again & We're Stocked

If there is one compensation for the end of summer it's the start of darts season. Feet behind the toe line, eyes and mind focussed firmly on treble top, concentration intense; ready to spin around and brag loudly: "one hundred and eighty!" as you throw your arms in the air in triumph.

I Shot the Sheriff
But of course, it doesn't always go that well. You throw a Robin Hood and have to replace mangled flights and shafts. Your "arrows" hit the wire and bounce back onto the mat. Points need re-sharpening. And maybe it's time to try a different weight. If you only had an extra two grams that shot would have grazed the wire and slipped into the double you needed to win the game.

New Blade 4 Boards
Blighty's has the new Winmau Blade 4 dartboard in stock. Featuring a 50% thinner, staple-free wire designed to deflect darts into the board; the Winmau Blade 4 is the world's most-televised championship dartboard. Is it time to replace your old board?

Genuine British Darts
Our all-brand-new 2012 stock of British Darts has arrived featuring steel tips, 80% tungsten/20% nickel knurled barrels ranging from 21g to 30g, nylon shafts, Metronic flights and a handy pocket dart case.

Parts for Darts
And if you are a good player you are going to need replacement flights - lots of replacement flights. We have a range of dimplex flights in patriotic British and Canadian designs as well as Jocky Wilson shafts in three lengths and a choice of colours ... and of course, point sharpeners.

Original Hand Baked Shetland Island Oatcakes

Healthy Goodness
Here's a tasty, healthy treat for anybody looking for a nutritious snack. Stockan's Orkney Oatcakes are made with the goodness of fine milled oats and no added sugar.

North, Way North!
Made in Stromness, Orkney. Pick up a pack for just $1.49 at Blighty's.

Rush, Dark Chocolate Gingers Are Back!

Wow, Taste!
A captivating taste collision takes place when you bite into a Dark Chocolate Ginger. The crunchy ginger tang that ignites your taste buds is curiously mellowed by the strength of the rich dark chocolate that surrounds it.

Don't Wait 'til Christmas
These incredibly tasty biscuits are made in Lanark, Scotland and have been a best seller in Britain for more than twenty years. Blighty's usually only brings Border Dark Chocolate Gingers in at Christmas but who can wait that long?

Get an early taste of Christmas this week for just $3.99

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wacky 5-Minute Recipe: Spicy Spud Soup

Wacky or Creative?
Actually, maybe this recipe isn't so wacky after all. Maybe it's just a creative, alternative use for Smash Instant mash potato.

Flakey Ideas
Smash Instant mash potato is for making mashed potato for your dinner isn't it? Well, yes, but instant mash potato is much more versatile than that. You can use it wherever a recipe calls for starch.

For example, Smash can be mixed with flaked fish to make fish cakes. It can be mixed 50/50 with all-purpose flour and a little water and salt to make potato scones. I used it to make soup.

Taking Stock
Nearly all soups are made by cooking meat, vegetables or other ingredients in a stock. And the simplest way to make stock at home is by using Oxo stock cubes. I use one stock cube per cup of water.

Spicy Spud Soup
To make my delicious spicy potato soup I made 2 cups of stock using one Oxo chicken cube and one Oxo curry cube and boiling water. I then added Smash Instant mash potato flakes to the stock, while stirring over gentle heat, until I obtained the thickness I wanted. And the result? Very tasty indeed. Try it for a nutritious quick lunch or as an appetizer before dinner.

How Do They Make Blackpool Rock?

Kiss Me Quick
Blackpool Rock is a legendary British candy. Along with donkeys on the beach, the famous tower and sleazy "Kiss Me Quick" hats, it is a recognized symbol of the famous northwest England seaside resort.

How The Heck Do They Do That?
Blackpool rock's most recognizable feature is the word "Blackpool" running all the way through the length of each stick.

The process starts with boiling a mixture of sugar and glucose at high temperature. The mixture is then poured onto a large flat sheet where it cools.

Chop Chop
Some of the mixture is cut away and dyed the characteristic pink colour for the casing, Another big chunk of the mixture is cut away and dyed red for the lettering. The remaining white mixture is flavoured with peppermint.

Each letter is formed by hand - about fist-sized - from the red-dyed sugar mixture and wrapped in white sugar mixture. The letters are assembled to form the complete word "Blackpool" then rolled into a thick cylindrical shape and wrapped in the pink casing mixture.

Cylinders of handmade rock candy are then rolled and stretched to a length of thirty feet before being cut to length and wrapped in cellophane for sale.

Order Blackpool Rock online for shipping anywhere in Canada

Diabetic Marmalade? Thick or Thin?

Blighty's is pleased to carry a choice or thin cut or thick cut marmalade specifically designed for diabetics and anybody who prefers a calorie-reduced spread.

Stute brand diabetic marmalades are made in Bristol, England from genuine, quality Seville oranges. They have a higher fruit content than other marmalades but contain 45% less calories. No sugar is added during the manufacture of Stute Diabetic Marmalades.

Also available: Stute Diabetic Blackcurrant and Diabetic Strawberry Jams.

Order Stute Diabetic jams and marmalades online for shipping anywhere in Canada