Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cheap Chocolate HobNobs Are Back

Do you remember our story from a few weeks ago about the inexplicably cheap chocolate HobNobs?

We told of how we can sell these chocolate-covered oat biscuits for 26% less than plain HobNobs.

And then, rather understandably, customers rushed in to buy them and we sold out.

Well, now they're back! And they are still priced at the same incredible $2.95 per pack.

Are They Real?
These are bona-fide British McVities HobNobs milk chocolate covered oat biscuits made in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, England.

Are They Past Their Best-Before Date?
No, these are new stock that won't reach their government-bureaucrat-mandated-but-usually-quite-unrealistic best before date for weeks and weeks yet.

What Does "Hobnob" Mean Anyway?
According to use of the word "hobnob" was first recorded in 1763 meaning to drink together. Since then it has been used to mean "to associate with in a familiar manner". So eat lots of HobNobs and you will get lots of friends. Buy them at Blighty's and at least I will be your friend.

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