Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quality Street, Roses & Lots of Other Easter Treats

Ok, so not everybody goes gaga over chocolate eggs. But, hey, that's no reason not to indulge in some fine Great British chocolate over Easter. Why not treat yourself and the special people in your life to a selection of candy cartons.

Roses, Quality Street, or ...
Which do you like best: Cadbury Roses or Nestle's Quality Street? We know Cadbury's Chocolate Eclairs are a firm favourite - we have been giving away free samples at the front counter for a few weeks. Now that we have created a legion of Chocolate Eclair fans out there we are looking forward to helping fans feed their new addiction in grand style this Easter.

Fudge Factor
There are also choices for fudge fanatics too. Thorntons Fabulous Assorted Fudge or Whisky and Vanilla fudges from Scotland.

Want more choices? How about tins of toffee, boxes of fruit or mint creams, chocolate Brazil nuts and lots more.

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