Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tasty Car Accessory?

There is a terrific Great British candy company based in Blackpool, England. Its name is Tangerine Confectionery and it produces candies under the brand name of "Taveners".

One of the best-selling lines here at Blighty's Tuck Store is a range of boiled candies in tins. You can usually choose between several flavours such as Fruit Drops, Sour Lemon Drops and Caramints.

They are very tasty little treats; nice flavour and just big enough to give your mouth a thoroughly good immersion in fruity flavour. They work well when you have a dry mouth - such as when you are out driving. By an amazing coincidence (or is it by design) the tin fits snugly in most vehicle cup holders. Maybe those clever folks up at Blackpool designed their "Proper Sweets" specifically for that purpose.

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