Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Crazy Craving Cadbury Flake Special

The Science is Settled
Everybody loves Cadbury flake bars. Luvverly flakey real Cadbury chocolate that kisses your taste buds in a way that other chocolate bars cannot.

No really, our science expert, John E. B. Goode, reports that the chocolatey ripples in a flake bar make contact with more taste sensors on your tongue than other types of chocolate, giving you a more intense flavour sensation.

Beat Brits Bumper Bag Bonanza
We received a shipment of special export flake bars from the UK this week. The special export flake bars are a little smaller than regular bars (only native Brits can handle the pleasure from a full-size bar, it seems). No problem, eat two of them! Find packs of four of these irresistible pleasure sticks in our "bumper bag" aisle along with lots of other sweet treats to drive you sugar crazy this Easter.

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