Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Get the Lyons Share of the Jaffa Cakes

Guilty as Charged
Soft but firm spongey base, a mouth-watering layer of intense orange jelly, topped with a velvety-smooth covering of rich, dark chocolate. I don't know about you but I can't eat Jaffa Cakes without feeling very guilty that I just haven't earned this much pleasure. But, hey, maybe you don't need to harbour the same guilty feelings - or maybe you really have earned this much reward.

Take Two and Call Me in the Morning
Take two Jaffa Cakes out of the pack and lock the remainder in a safe with a timelock. You will definitely want a second one after the first but any more than that will put your immortal soul in jeopardy.

Very, Very Expensive ... Or ...
Sounds like this much ecstasy should be very expensive doesn't it? Don't worry, you can take home a pack of a dozen of these devilish little temptations for just $2.99 (NB: price doubles at checkout if you mis-pronounce the name as "java" cakes).

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