Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Low Price Great British Candy for Easter

It's Easter time once again. That means the candy craving is back. Still, no need for scrimping and saving. The big candy manufacturers are on your side - well sort of. You see, if they can cut the cost of all the fancy packaging that normally comes with their product they can sell their candy for less.

That's where bumper bags come into the picture. The candymen sell their wares in bulk; retailers spend the time to package them in simple cellophane packs for resale to candy lovers.

Spring is nearly here. Come and fill yer boots with cheap treats and laugh all the way to summer. Blighty's Bumper Bags cost significantly less than premium brand packaged candies. Lots to choose from - a whole aisle of the store in fact and more on the way!

Your choice, one price: $2.99.

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