Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Three Creamy British Tomato Soups for Your Bones

Inside Out
We have had the odd chilly day recently; the kind of weather that seems to get into your bones. There are few better ways of getting warm than from the inside out, and good, old British tomato soup seems to work wonders in that department.

Too Many Choices? Don't Panic!
Question is: which soup is your favourite? We have three British brands in stock right now; Heinz, Baxters and Crosse & Blackwell. Oh ... which is the best? Heinz is the leading brand - and the most expensive! Baxters and Crosse & Blackwell both deliver warmth to your inner self for half a dollar less per can.

Lamb Dressed as Mutton
The prize for least well-dressed can goes to Crosse & Blackwell. Strange then that Crosse & Blackwell is John's favourite. I love my tomato soup on a bone-chilling winter's day. It tastes great, warms me up and makes me feel good too.

Get a nice warm glow. Grab a can (or three) and choose your favourite.

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