Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Prefer Vera Lynn - Want a Free CD?

Long-Haired Layabouts!
Ok, so you either never heard of Pink Floyd or you heard of them and think they were a load of long-haired layabouts who should have done time in the army! And you definitely aren't going to Spot1 Grill in Brampton on Friday to see any tribute shenanigans.

There'll Be Bluebirds
So what's your style of music? Vera Lynn? Cole Porter? Glenn Miller? Yes, they too were great musicians whose songs and melodies will live on for a long time.

Wind Up the Gramophone Grandma
And we have a deal for you. A kind lady dropped off a small collection of CDs (CD: an ancient method of distributing musical recordings before iTunes was invented).

Florins & Tanners
Next time you come shopping and you are waiting for the old steam till to chew up your florins, ask to take a look at "the CDs". One per customer please. Begin the Beguine.

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