Wednesday, January 23, 2013

HP GG...Guinness GG...Gone?

Sure the Leprechauns Took It
It's rich, smooth and feisty ... and very, very popular. But has HP discontinued it's fabulous Guinness Sauce?

It's Behind You!
I picked up what may be the last ever pack of HP Guinness sauce at the importer's warehouse this week. I was warned that it has become "unavailable" and may have been discontinued.

Oh, No it isn't!
Another HP sauce (HP Curry Sauce) disappeared in the same manner a few years ago. And it was followed by HP Mexican Chilli Sauce.

Oh, Yes it is!
Thank goodness the original HP Sauce and HP Fruity sauce are still available, but if you want the HP Guinness Sauce, better come and get it now. And that's no blarney.

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