Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Not Tonight Chicken

When I picked up a jar of Chicken Tonight brand "Spanish Chicken" from the shelf in order to do a taste test for my "This Week at Blighty's" newsletter, my first thought was: "dammit, don't try to tell me what to eat for supper tonight!"

To Arms!
I am a rebel you see. I am not going to let any food jar label be the boss of me! Decision one was to use this jar of tomatoes, pepper, olive oil and thyme to make a dinner with anything ... anything except chicken!

Okay; government food inspectors are probably already reaching for their clipboards and handcuffs. Do your worst G-men, you'll never take me alive!

Details of the Crime
I chopped up some onions, lightly cooked them in butter until soft. I then stirred them into the bossy sauce with some pre-cooked rice and added ... wait for it ... shrimps! Simmered the rebellious concoction for 15 minutes or so then scoffed the lot. Delicious.

Live dangerously, join the rebellion.

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