Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Quality Street - How to Identify the Real Thing

But What's Inside?
Quality Street candies are made all over the world. The name is the same but the contents of the tin are made to local standards.

You're Gonna Flip
Tins of Quality Street appear in the big box stores around Christmas every year at very tempting prices, but are they the real thing? Flip the tin over and look at the information printed on the bottom.

75 Years and Counting
What does it say? Some will say "imported" - but from where? The real thing is made in Halifax, Yorkshire, England - and has been since 1936.

Save Over Eight Bucks!
Want to take a chance on imitations made elsewhere? You may even save a buck or two. Or you can come to Blighty's and pick up the genuine item for just $19.95 for a big 820g tin. The same item sells for $27.99 elsewhere.

Chop Chop
But hurry. Our stock was special ordered for Christmas and we cannot re-stock. When they are all gone you will still be able to buy the imitation Quality Street made in goodness-knows-where, but you'll have to wait 'til next Chrimbo for the real British stuff.

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