Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Real Lyons Coffee From Britain

Coffee Aroma
When I was a young schoolboy in London, I remember waiting for the big, red, #12 double decker bus to take me to school. Just down the road from the bus stop was a Lyons coffee house and every morning the delicious aroma of roasting coffee would waft down the street towards me.

That was in the good old days when coffee shops would roast their own coffee on the premises. The aroma did the selling. Why advertise? Just roast some beans and watch the crowds pack in to the shop.

The Lyons Legend
The legendary Lyons brand name goes all the way back to 1887 and all but disappeared by 1978 when it was acquired by a big brewery. Lyons brand coffee is now produced by United Coffee Company of Dartford in Kent, England.

Try it and Compare
Blighty's brought in a special shipment of Lyons British coffee this week. Why not try a pack and compare the flavour and aroma to your usual brand? A 150g vacuum sealed pack is just $3.99 while stocks last.

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