Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wacky 5-Minute Recipe: Spicy Spud Soup

Wacky or Creative?
Actually, maybe this recipe isn't so wacky after all. Maybe it's just a creative, alternative use for Smash Instant mash potato.

Flakey Ideas
Smash Instant mash potato is for making mashed potato for your dinner isn't it? Well, yes, but instant mash potato is much more versatile than that. You can use it wherever a recipe calls for starch.

For example, Smash can be mixed with flaked fish to make fish cakes. It can be mixed 50/50 with all-purpose flour and a little water and salt to make potato scones. I used it to make soup.

Taking Stock
Nearly all soups are made by cooking meat, vegetables or other ingredients in a stock. And the simplest way to make stock at home is by using Oxo stock cubes. I use one stock cube per cup of water.

Spicy Spud Soup
To make my delicious spicy potato soup I made 2 cups of stock using one Oxo chicken cube and one Oxo curry cube and boiling water. I then added Smash Instant mash potato flakes to the stock, while stirring over gentle heat, until I obtained the thickness I wanted. And the result? Very tasty indeed. Try it for a nutritious quick lunch or as an appetizer before dinner.

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