Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's Darts Season Again & We're Stocked

If there is one compensation for the end of summer it's the start of darts season. Feet behind the toe line, eyes and mind focussed firmly on treble top, concentration intense; ready to spin around and brag loudly: "one hundred and eighty!" as you throw your arms in the air in triumph.

I Shot the Sheriff
But of course, it doesn't always go that well. You throw a Robin Hood and have to replace mangled flights and shafts. Your "arrows" hit the wire and bounce back onto the mat. Points need re-sharpening. And maybe it's time to try a different weight. If you only had an extra two grams that shot would have grazed the wire and slipped into the double you needed to win the game.

New Blade 4 Boards
Blighty's has the new Winmau Blade 4 dartboard in stock. Featuring a 50% thinner, staple-free wire designed to deflect darts into the board; the Winmau Blade 4 is the world's most-televised championship dartboard. Is it time to replace your old board?

Genuine British Darts
Our all-brand-new 2012 stock of British Darts has arrived featuring steel tips, 80% tungsten/20% nickel knurled barrels ranging from 21g to 30g, nylon shafts, Metronic flights and a handy pocket dart case.

Parts for Darts
And if you are a good player you are going to need replacement flights - lots of replacement flights. We have a range of dimplex flights in patriotic British and Canadian designs as well as Jocky Wilson shafts in three lengths and a choice of colours ... and of course, point sharpeners.

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