Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Do They Make Blackpool Rock?

Kiss Me Quick
Blackpool Rock is a legendary British candy. Along with donkeys on the beach, the famous tower and sleazy "Kiss Me Quick" hats, it is a recognized symbol of the famous northwest England seaside resort.

How The Heck Do They Do That?
Blackpool rock's most recognizable feature is the word "Blackpool" running all the way through the length of each stick.

The process starts with boiling a mixture of sugar and glucose at high temperature. The mixture is then poured onto a large flat sheet where it cools.

Chop Chop
Some of the mixture is cut away and dyed the characteristic pink colour for the casing, Another big chunk of the mixture is cut away and dyed red for the lettering. The remaining white mixture is flavoured with peppermint.

Each letter is formed by hand - about fist-sized - from the red-dyed sugar mixture and wrapped in white sugar mixture. The letters are assembled to form the complete word "Blackpool" then rolled into a thick cylindrical shape and wrapped in the pink casing mixture.

Cylinders of handmade rock candy are then rolled and stretched to a length of thirty feet before being cut to length and wrapped in cellophane for sale.

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