Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Real, Turkish Turkish Delight

236 Years Old
There is a reason Turkish Delight is called, well ... Turkish Delight. It originated in Turkey; in Istanbul actually, in 1776.

Actually, Lokum (as it is called in its home and native land) is thought to be much older than that, but the confectionery prepared in the manner in which we have come to know it was first produced by a Turk called Bekir Effendi at his shop in Istanbul in that year.

Choice of Flavours
Lokum, flavoured with Lemon or Rose is considered "common". Premium lokum is made with nuts - especially pistachios. It is a mixture of starch, sugar and flavourings. Which do you like best?

From the Orient to Britain to Canada
Blighty's has brought in a selection of Turkish Delight specially for Christmas. It was imported into the UK by a British company in Kingston-Upon-Hull directly from Istanbul and made its way to Canada for your pleasure.

Choose Rose, Lemon and Menthe, or Cherry Berry, Pistachio or Mixed Nuts. Just $6.99 for a 125g pack.

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